Vaccine Finder Toronto FAQ

What is Vaccine Finder Toronto?

Vaccine Finder Toronto is an online community tool to help simplify the process for Toronto residents to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Who created Vaccine Finder Toronto?

Vaccine Finder Toronto was created by 4 employees from Alida who work within the Toronto headquarters. They are:

  • Daniel Charles, Vice President, Technology
  • Ian McIlwain, Web Strategy Manager
  • Madeleine Bailey, User Experience Designer
  • Mostafa Drz, Engineering Manager

Why was Vaccine Finder Toronto created?

With frequent changes to eligibility criteria and a surplus of COVID-19 vaccine information online, the existing system has been difficult for Toronto residents to navigate and caused increased confusion and anxiety within the community. 

Many Torontonians may not be aware that they are eligible for a vaccine as the current booking platforms are highly fragmented and individualized. The team wanted to harness their expertise to simplify the navigation of these quickly evolving vaccine protocols by building a unified tool that is simple for Toronto residents to access. 

What makes this tool different from the Ontario government booking tool, and other individual online resources?

Working in complement to existing national resources, Toronto Vaccine Finder is a Toronto-focused platform that has two distinct features. The first, allows Torontonians to find out if they are eligible to receive a vaccine as the criteria evolves over time. Next, the platform uses open data to display all available booking sites into one fulsome list based on the eligibility criteria inputted by the user so they can find the nearest location to book their vaccination. 

What are the features/capabilities of Vaccine Finder Toronto? How does the Vaccine Finder work?

Vaccine Finder Toronto enables Toronto residents to:

  1. Find out if they are eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine and;
  2. The operating locations closest to them where they can get vaccinated.

Vaccine Finder Toronto includes an ‘Eligibility Quiz’ where residents can answer a short survey to find out if they are eligible to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Eligible residents will then enter their residential postal code, birth year and select their eligibility criteria (occupational, community factors, health conditions) to get a list of centres or clinics (listed based on nearest proximity) where they can get vaccinated.

How can Toronto residents access Vaccine Finder Toronto?

Toronto residents can access Vaccine Finder Toronto through desktop or mobile by visiting

Who can you reach for questions or more information about Vaccine Finder Toronto?

  1. For questions related to the vaccine finder tool, reach us at
  2. For media inquiries, please contact

Is this an Alida company initiative?

This is an employee-driven community project spearheaded by a few creative individuals on the Alida team. The company and its CEO, Ross Wainwright, are supportive and proud of the employees who proactively acted to support their community. Alida celebrates innovation and technology to drive purpose-driven outcomes both within the workplace and outside.

Does this tool collect any personal information about users?  What do you do with it?

No, this tool does not capture any personal data. When you visit the Site, your browser and computer automatically provide to us certain anonymized technical information about your computer or device and how you arrived at the Site, including the URL that referred you, your browser type and version, your device type, your internet protocol (IP) address, your location, the pages you visit as you navigate through the Site (clickstream data), how long you stay on those pages, and the hyperlinks you click on. This information is collected using various technologies including server logs, cookies, web beacons, and other tracking technologies which are described in greater detail in our Cookie Policy.